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Ministry in Kenya

Resolute Ministries has a Church in Kenya! Check out what we're working on!


kids in community

Mumias Kenya is a small rural community filled with people doing their best to get by. Many of the kids have lost a parent, if not both parents. They are either taken into orphanages or become "street kids" as they call them.

Resolute Church Africa has taken a different approach than most, each child has been taken in by a family or widow in the church. Resolute Church Africa helps in providing resources and funding for these families and widows. In addition to this, we have been sending support for renting land for planting Maize. We've purchased seed and fertilizer to help ease the load. Schooling is another area they need help with as it costs roughly $250 a year to put one child through secondary (junior/senior high) school.

We ask that you consider helping with the widows and orphans in Mumias! 

Meet Pastor Fred and joyce

Pastor Fred and his wife were born and raised in Mumias Kenya. They have endured much but continue to serve the Lord! Fred comes from a ministry family and has been preaching from a young age.

When I arrived in Kenya last year, we learned they had just lost their second child only a week before I arrived. Their sweet two-year-old daughter passed away due to Malaria. This was extremely disheartening as they only needed simple antibiotics to save her but due to poor medical care, she was not treated in time. While in Kenya, we anointed and appointed Pastor Fred as our Pastoral presence in Kenya on behalf of Resolute Ministries.

Please continue to pray for Pastor Fred and Joyce as they faithfully lead the charge in making disciples, preaching the Gospel, and caring for widows and orphans. 


our future in kenya

Our main goal is to make disciples, preach the Gospel, and care for the widows and orphans... But HOW we do that is what we're dreaming about.

We will continue to assist the widows and orphans with food, fields, and school fees. But the dream is to OWN land for planting crops AND create a space to train the widows and orphans in a trade. Many of the kids are unable to afford schooling and end up as laborers in the fields, struggling to make ends meet. The desire is to train them with skills that will give them the opportunity to have their own business!

Building a school of ministry is another long term plan we have for Western Kenya. There are no universities near Mumias, and even if there were they are very expensive. We are currently working on a syllabus for a two year (non-accredited) training program for the young men who believe they are called to ministry. This program will help give them some of the tools they need to faithfully serve the body of Christ!

Please pray with us as we work on making these dreams a reality!

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