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We are the Joseph family: Eddie, Renata and our two children, AJ and Brooklyn. We've been serving in Belize full-time since December 2019. 

We are in Belize to serve and disciple local leaders.
  Our intention is to add our strengths and experience to the work already underway, through partnerships with Belizean leaders who are already doing it. 


  • Evangelical Bible Church: Eddie and Renata lead youth and young adult ministries, including mentoring, weekly Bible studies, youth group. ​

  • International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES): Eddie is a staff worker supporting Christian clubs in high schools all over Belize. 

  • Belize camping Experience: We support this local ministry by providing coaching, training and retreats. 

  • Anti-Sex Trafficking: Renata provides expert consultation on the care of young trafficking survivors.

For more about the ministry, or to sign up for our newsletters, check out our website:

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