"We are in Belize to serve local leaders. While we have plenty of ideas for what that might look like, first we want to build relationships and see what God is already doing.  Our intention is to add our strengths and experience to the work already underway."


Edward and Renata first became school mates when they were 9.

They joined the choir, church, and youth group together, becoming best friends at the age of 12. Eddie had a crush on Renata, but when he broached the subject, she made it clear that he was barking up the wrong tree. Renata’s family moved across the continent when they were 15, but they continued to be best friends, albeit at a distance. While in university in separate countries, Edward visited Renata and he knew that he was still in love with her.


For their final year of college, they worked on a long-distance relationship, looking forward to bridging the distance between them. The Lord brought both of them unexpectedly to Belize after graduation; Edward through Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and Renata through a missionary couple she knew. During the year they spent serving in Belize, a deep connection and love for the country was planted.

They returned to Montreal, Quebec to marry and start a family, praying that one day they would return to Belize.

The last 10 years, the family (with children Anthony and Brooklyn) lived in Seattle, working with youth in a variety of capacities. Eddie served as a Teen Director for the local YMCA, leading youth leadership initiatives. Renata worked with high-need foster youth and undocumented youth before transitioning to the school district where she supported students and families who were falling through the cracks. Additionally, they fostered 8 Central American teenagers in their home. Eddie also became involved in Young Life.

Anthony Joseph is a junior black belt in Karate and loves to spend his time playing video games and reading. He is clever, caring, and a little mischievous.

Brooklyn Joseph dreams to be a small business owner and loves to be creative in her spare time with baking, drawing. She is kind, sweet, and loves being a good friend.